Ohio Star Quilt Block Directions

The Ohio Star Quilt block is a popular block pattern that is simple to piece. It is constructed using only two templates, a square and a quarter triangle.

The Ohio Star uses one design fabric, Fabric A  and a background fabric, Fabric B

Traditional Cutting Method

To piece a 12" finished size block, you need the following templates:
Cut the following pieces using the templates

Rotary Cutting Directions for 12" Block

Help, I don't know how to rotary cut.

You can also use Easy Piecing Triangle Templates to piece the quarter square triangles.

For the Template A

  1. Cut one 4 1/2" strip of each Fabric A and Fabric B

  2. Cut one 4 1/2" square from the Fabric A strip

  3. Cut four 4 1/2" squares from the Fabric B strip

For the Template B

  1. Cut one 5 1/4" strip of each Fabric A and Fabric B

  2. Cut two 5 1/4" squares from each of the Fabric A and the Fabric B strips

  3. Cut each 5 1/4" square in half on the diagonal

  4. Cut each triangle in half on the diagonal. This will result in 8 Fabric A and 8 Fabric B quarter triangles

Piecing the Ohio Star Block

  1. Piece 8 Fabric A triangles to 8 Fabric B triangles.  This step can also be done using the speed piecing method for quarter triangles. The strips should be cut 5 1/4" wide for a 12" quilt block.

  2. Piece the triangles created in step 1 together to form a square.

  3. Piece 4 squares of Fabric B together with 2 triangular squares to form 2 strips

  4. Piece 2 triangular squares with 1 square of Fabric A to form 1 strip

  5. Piece the 3 strips together to form the completed Ohio Square quilt block

Ohio Star Variations

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